Easy Furniture Mover Tool Set

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Have you ever hurt yourself trying to move heavy furniture? Are you tired of trying to move heavy furniture on your own?

Moving Day Has Never Been Easier

Easy Mover Tool Set is all you’ll ever need to move big and heavy furniture like beds, couches, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators and so much more! Whether you’re cleaning up or you just want toredesign your house, there’s no furniture you can’t move anywhere with our Easy Mover Tool Set.

Easy Mover Tool Set, Easy Mover Tool Set

Furthermore, this Easy Mover Tool Set has a flexible design. In other words, this Easy Mover has 360-degree rotatable slidersthat are more flexible for moving. 

Additionally, its surface protection rubber won’t damage the furniture while moving it.You can move the furniture over the hardwood, carpet, or any other kinds of surfaces. 

Easy Mover Tool Set, Easy Mover Tool Set

Our furniture moving system is made of high-quality iron material and ABS plastic. Moreover, the handle has an anti-slip design that is durable and handheld.

 You will be able to lift the furniture with one hand! Besides, no tools are required for its setup.

Easy to use:

This amazing set will make moving your furniture easy, fast and fun!

The furniture lifter will easily lift your furniture just enough to slide the rollers underneath. We even provide you with a convenient height controller for easy adjusting. Then all you have to do is roll the sliders under your furniture and appliances. Now, glide! The tiny wheels will make each piece of furniture easy to move.

Package included:

  • 1* Wheel Bar

  • 4 * Wheeled Mover Rollers



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